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Take revenge on the monster that destroyed your village, seek the assistance of the gods to be able to get the village to return to normal. Ruins of a village act as your main hub. You are the last survivor of a village that will kill the monster behind the destruction.

Tale of Stavros was developed by Morgan Games from the Game Assembly Stockholm class 2020. Using the Game Assembly´s in-house 2d engine during their 5th game project spanning 8 weeks part-time (50%).

Axel Melkersson
Benjamin Glodeck
Gustav Melander
Jesper Lundgren
Morgan Waern Wickström

Level Design
Dennis Lundin
Hannes Gille
Martin Larsson

Adam Törn
Alireza Vaezi
John Atterstig
Theo Rönnudd

The Game Assembly is a Higher Vocational Education located in Malmö and Stockholm in Sweden. We educate game developers!

The Game Assembly’s curriculum’s in Game art, Leveldesign, Technical art, Game programming and Game Animation is written by the Swedish games industry and we continously have a dialogue about how to be in the frontier of game production.

Parallel with individual courses throughout the education our students are assigned to groups and together they create 8 games of various types, some of which you will be able to find on this page.

Is gaming and game development your passion? Are you interested in reading more about The Game Assembly and how to apply?

Please read more on our homepage:


Install instructions

Download and install locally with provided *.exe.


TaleOfStavrosInstaller.exe 64 MB

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