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This was a treat! Was not expecting the game to go where it went, that was fun and I truly felt uneasy and scared throughout most of it. Well done! 


Credits and much love to you, developer! Thank you for the AWESOME game. I can't wait for the next one. I get to play this in the Philippines! 

This game had me on edge for real.. can we have a follow up please :)


awesome job, i was tense throughout the whole thing. 




Just wanted to post my video here so others may check it out if they decide to do so. This video has two games featured, this game starts at 7 minutes in.

Let me start off by saying this game was absolutely amazing. The atmosphere was great. The monster design was awesome! I will say, however, the monster has some questionable AI. *SPOILER* As I entered the basement and finally came face to face with the monster, it was terrifying... for a couple of minutes until I was "found" and the monster got stuck running in place haha.

With that being said, the game is still fantastic and builds a great and intense atmosphere! I would definitely recommend anyone that has taken time to read this to give the game a download because you will not be disappointed! Fantastic job to the team that made this!


nice game horror from swedish very scary and make me jump little bit haha

nice nice


Really good and quite creepy! The voice acting was really good!

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Thank you for playing our game and sharing!

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I thought when I saw the thumbnail for this game that it was all going to be done in a way where all the graphics look like a  crossed stitch. I know now after clicking it is not but damn that graphic style would make a cool  game

Yeah sounds like a fun idea! We should pitch it for our students! ;)

I want to be a part of that. It sounds awesonme. Why do people with a ton in college debt get to have all the fun.

Our education is actually free and eligible for both student grant and loan :D

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you could call it word up my stitches.


that stitch is crazy

if you need help with any more well-thought-out title ideas like these that were certainly not just pooped out in two seconds but took hours and hours of thoughtful contemplation to come up with you know where to find me.

Thanks again :)

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Are you actually psychotic or just trolling?

What an intense experience. Fantastic monster, level, and sound design. Genuinely terrifying when you get down to the basement. This was an incredibly enjoyable, albeit scary, experience! Great work!!

Thank you for playing and sharing!

Besöket was really good the voice acting was ok to and apart from the monster glitching through the couch it was creepy and didn't expect the ending either.

Thank you for playing! Our students appreciate it and thank you for sharing your video too

Can't seem to get this working on Windows 7 sadly, always get an "entry point not found" error.

Hi, yeah I'm not sure it supports Win 7, I'll have to check with the group but probably not!

ok thanks :)


Worried by the installer but it was all fine for me and the game was pretty great, nice job lads i loved it!


Thanks for playing! It's always fun to see a reaction/playthrough so thanks for taking your time and that you gave the students some credits!

Feel free to check out our other games too!

My windows defender is off, but the problem is still present. Could you please look into it and try to fix it?

Not entirely sure what type of issue you have but even with Windows Defender active you should be able to install it anyway:

Just press "More info" and then select "run anyway" and it should be fine!

Sorry perhaps you've already tried this as I seen we've already mention it

The thing is, I can't press "more info" and then "run anyway" because there's no such button on a message window, it's just a tiny window with a single "ok" button and nothing else. I've tried disabling every antivirus I had and the issue is still present. 

That sounds super weird. Unfortunately we can't reproduce your error on our end. Maybe try another browser to download from to make sure you get the entire exe uninterrupted?


This game cannot be installed,It says that the  installation package  is corrupted,567

Deleted 2 years ago

Rename to what?

Sounds like something happened to your download, have you tried downloading again?

Kinda missed out on any Sweden-related references, but this really, really reminded me of playing SOMA mods, so it was definitely nostalgic in that sense. I almost thought there was structure gel leaking in the basement for a moment 

So glad you had a good experience! Thanks for sharing!

Nice experience.

Thank you for sharing and playing through our students game!

I saw the video, this game is very cool!

Thank you! Will pass it on to our students!


Hello there! Just wanted to know if the game is fully finished, content-wise, i. e. no more updates regarding the endings, characters, plot details, levels etc!

Hi SobakaPeppa!

This is a finished Game Project from our students. Who knows if they ever get together in the future for any updates but as for now it is to be experienced as full.

Please let us know what you thought of it after playing!

Hello once again. When I try to run the installer, it says that the package is corrupted.

That sounds odd, are you sure the download didn't fail? Maybe just try again?

Another thing, upon installing, Windows Smart Defender might wanna stop you from installing the software.

To install anyway:
Just press "More info" and then select "run anyway" and it should be fine!


I absolutely LOVED SOMA and this game really gave that vibe. so very well put together! Everything looked great and played out perfectly. Only thing I can fault is how short it is! I wanted more! The enemy AI was creepy and I picked up on its patrols pretty much straight away, not sure if it has any deviations that I just didn't hang about long enough to see, but if not I would definitely make it a little more random and maybe more hiding areas to compensate for the randomness. Otherwise I really enjoyed this little game! Good work guys!!

Thank you for checking out or students game and taking the time to record your session too! The lenght is unfortunately a condition they have for the game projects so what we can playtest and complete them fully for school and grades. But maybe hopefully they can "re-visit" this for fun in the future who knows :)

Be sure to check out our other games too! We have another horror-game up on the site too called Delirium, maybe something for you?


I really hope they do! As I mentioned SOMA was a big favourite for me and seeing that enemy style reproduced gave me chills again! Loved it. I will definitely check out those other games! I try to post almost daily so I'll add it to the list! Thankyou!


Fun that you thought so, I'll pass it along to our students, they'll be happy to hear so!

You were definitely more experienced with the game style than I was while playing!
I saw your playthrough and you were very good with avoiding the enemy hah!

/Educator at The Game Assembly


That was awesome! Thanks! Made you a lil video: 

Thank you Elrenia! We very much appreciate the video and thanks for taking time to play our students game! If you still feel like horror we also have another game called Delirium on the site right now too! ;)

Ah HELL YEAH! It's getting added to my list, ^_^

I tried to download your recent game, but they are containing dangerous software and viruses. I just updated my program and it detects even the minor issues and viruses so, I hope you are going to fix that, because that's a problem. Thank you.
I posted this on your other game, which has the same issue.

Hi Niven, thank you for your reply and interest in our games!

This is quite possibly just your anti-virus software/Windows Smart Defender being precautious seeing we haven't had any issues with these on our end throughout lots of testing. These are in-house built engines and softwares and should contain no such things and these warnings should be ignored and treated as "false positives".

To install anyway:
Just press "More info" and then select "run anyway" and it should be fine!

Thanks for the fast response.
I actually did ignore that and downloaded it. 
After that lots have happened:
First, when I downloaded the game it popped the window saying this is harmful to your pc and still, I continued. Then I opened the extraction file, again the window popped and I tried to somehow block certain files, which might be causing the error and extract only the game files. I opened up my antivirus and used the "dissection" tool and  finally the game was on the desktop. Unfortunately, again, I stumbled across the error, now, it was just the game's file error and started to fix that, in the end I finally opened up the game, but it crashed and I went to the tools, restarted the game, deleted files, downloaded the game (again, the virus pop-up was there), then I really wanted to play the game and turn off antivirus completely, but still no results. 
I hope maybe the game will be fixed. 

I tried other games, in the horror tagged collections and none of them had the issue, well, I randomly downloaded 10 games and all 10 had no issue.

Hi  again, sorry to hear that!

Unfortunately it's hard for us to replicate your issue with your antivirus software.

We haven't encountered any similar problems on our end.
I would however suggest at least not to use any "dissection" tools for any source files if wanting them to properly work.

Feel free to see if you experience any similar issues with the other games too.